Agri-Biotech Ventures

Agri-Biotech Ventures

Agri-Biotech Ventures

ABI-ICRISAT facilitates seed companies in the emerging area of agri biotech, in developing transformation protocol for commercial crops, marker development for traits of interest and tissue culture for medicinal, horticultural, and tree crops.

Services Provided

• Technology consultancy
• Facilitate technology transfer
• Capacity building
• Consultation on bio-safety issues
• Biotech lab facility
• Green house facility

Bioseed Research India Pvt Ltd – An ABI Incubatee

Bioseed Research India Pvt. Ltd. is a research company with a focus on developing value added hybrid seed products based on superior genetics for the farmers

Incubation support from ABI-ICRISAT

• Bioseed became a member of Agribusiness Incubator @ ICRISAT in 2004 and got approval for its first Bt Cotton hybrid in 2007

• Currently Bioseed is ranked among the top five companies in India

“Our fast tracking of trait introgression in the incubator coupled with excellent breeding efforts enabled us to create a very strong brand among the farmers”

Dr. Dwarkesh Parihar, Chief Scientist, Bioseed Research India Pvt Ltd

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